VIII National Pastafarian Gathering 2019 (ENG version)


Little known fact, the ships of  the ancient Piedmontese pirates have patrolled for centuries the Po river and its tributaries. They used to greet each other with a beastly bellow, which was a crasis of the traditional, suitably piratley AHRRR and the polite Savoy vernacular “hi”: “Cerea, matey!”

From a great and noble lineage of mountain freshwater pirates, the Laidbacracy of Turin invites all of you to visit  their cave: let’s ravage Bardonecchia harbour!
The recommended route to the Eight National Pastafarian Gathering

Wait, what? Harbour? Bardonecchia?! Uhmmm… well, ok, anyway, from thursday 29th august to Sunday 1st september we’ll find something to ravage at the Villaggio Olimpico of Bardonecchia for the VIII National Pastafarian Gathering (or Spaghathering).

The “Villaggio Olimpico” can be easily boarded, both by train and by car; this is how it looks from the docks.

The discotheque is on our exclusive concession by the hotel management, so it will be the main day- and nighttime meeting place. It will be possible to party, to squeal, to laugh, to get wasted raised until late at night .

VIII Gathering Theme

The theme of the 2019 Gathering is the VIII Condiment.
2019 Gathering official logo.
“Love knows innumerable recipes”

How could we ever have ignored the high symbolic significance of number eight, these two blossoming and shapely hemispheres leaning in, stacking up so voluptuously beside each other?

Who, if not the Maker of the Demented Design could have brought together the silhouette of this number, so explicitly meaningful, and the Eighth Condiment?

During the VIII Gathering we are inspired to meditate on the Mystery of the last Sacher Condiment we received from our unreasonable Creator:

If the other person is into it, however, then have at it. Take pictures.  But for the love of  Mike, wear A CONDOM! Honestly, it’s a piece of rubber. If I didn’t want  it to feel good when you did it, I would have added spikes or something.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster, VIII condiment

Please join us in the lascivious celebration of the Eighth!

Let us wallow in the awareness that each and every pirate can dispose of their own sensuous bodies, and no bigot moralism could ever bent them over… no, not that kind of bending, I mean hard… I mean no one is tight enough to… okay, you got it.    

A little preview

On Friday there will be a succulent conference on “free and informed sexuality”: we’ll talk about health, sexuality, awareness, consent, bodily fluids, secretion, many, many square meters of secretion, all within the framework of the declaration of sexual rights as redacted by the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS).

After the evening prayer, on Friday night, Bars, an original play by the legendary Bard Bran ‘dla Duja (aka Bruno Abietti) celebrate its world premiere.
The theater, where Bars by Bran ‘dla Duja will be staged

Saturday afternoon we’ll board Turin for our procession. Turin “the city of aMole”, will see our variegated colors and our inherent jollity and possibly some other bodily fluids to sweeten the giuanduiotti for natives and tourists alike.

It is quite improbable that we could ever pass by unnoticed, with our Sacher Colanders and our very lovely spagathering gadgets.

So… what are you waiting for? Just bring your erotic, buccaneer booties to the high fluvial harbors of Dora Riparia river!

We are waiting here for you, between mountains and golden valleys,  among rugged cliffs, where a love song ring out


Gathering Program – DOWNLOAD

Download Gathering Program here below, you’ll find informations about activities, locations, contacts, prices and terms of payment.

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